Thursday, September 30, 2010

ToDaY i'M BelieVinG:

ThaT GOD giVeS tO uS SigNs =
warNinGs (?)
tO helP uS maKe decisioNs..
HE giVeS uS moRe thaN jusT oNe chaNce tO 'dO thE righT ThiNg'
aNd aLso
i BeLieVE thaT
HE wanTs WhaT wiLL iN thE eTernaL ScheMe oF thinGs bE BesT foR uS....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sO maNy raNdoM thoughTs oN BlogspoTs thaT nO oNe wiLL eVeR reaD oR caRe abouT.

iT's noT a PerfecT worLd..
SoMetiMes WhaT wE thinK wE waNt iS NoT whaT GOD wanTs foR uS..
The KeY tO success iN LiFe iS wanTinG thE saMe thiNgs thaT GOD waNTs foR uS.....
ThaT'S whY wE PraY "ThY wiLL bE DoNe"
WheN wE praY aNd GOD aNsweRs No, theN iT iS tiMe tO PraY foR sOMethinG eLse==iN aNotheR direcTioN...
WhaT feeLs gooD isNoT neceSSariLy thE besT foR ouR BoDy oR souL...
The LORD wiLL NeVer aGree tO sOMe thinG thaT wiLL hurT uS..
ParaNoia iS GoD's waY oF teLLinG uS MaNy thinGs..
Do yoU geT mY DrifT????

Sunday, September 19, 2010

HaVinG a FatheR(earthLy)

ThaT LoVe(s-)eD yoU,,,;
musT meaN sOMething..
SelfishneSS iS a SiN thaT musT bE deLT wiTh===
iT iS aT thE coRe/rooT oF a LoT oF otheR 'siNs'...
WheN meN procreaTe ThaT's sOMethinG;
TheN LoVinG thE WoMaN whO gaVe hiM thE opportuNiTy--weLL, thaT's anotheR thinG aLtogeTheR...
aLL togeTheR noW,
aLL wE aRe saYinG iS GiVe PeaCe a ChanCe...
No moRe SuiciDe BombeRs===
WhO threW thE firsT stoNe???
WhO tOOk WhicH beLongeD NoT tO HiMseLf==
WhaT iS giVeN bY GOD=
i saY eVerythiNg iS wroNg///NoThinG ain'T RighT...
SiLenT NighT: HoLy NighT...
PeaCe aNd FrEEdOM
LoVe Vs. HaTe....
HaTeRs---BotH siDes /WhaT siDes? \ saY thE oTheRs aRe thE HaTerS.....
LooK aT thE expreSSioNs; lisTeN tO thE toNe oF thE voiCes.
WhO sounDs thE angriesT???
RighTeouS angeR?--yoU saY

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NoThinG sPeciaL = SaVe JESUS_CHRIST †

ouTsiDe sTiLL LiFe CreaTureS ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
"wheN thE LioN LayS dowN wiTh thE RabbiT"
"wheN The LioN Lies dowN wiTh thE.... * verb lay means, broadly, 'put something down': : they are going to lay the carpet. The past tense and the past participle of lay is laid:: they laid the groundwork;: she had laid careful plans. The verb lie, on the other hand, means 'assume a horizontal or resting position': : why don't you lie on the floor? The past tense of lie is lay:: he lay on the floor earlier in the day. The past participle of lie is lain:: she had lain on the bed for hours. In practice, many speakers inadvertently get the lay forms and the lie forms into a tangle of right and wrong usage. Here are some examples of typical incorrect usage: : have you been laying on the sofa all day? (should be lying); : he lay the books on the table (should be laid); : I had laid in this position so long, my arm was stiff (should be lain). See also usage at lie 1 .
JESUS iS THE LAMB OF GOD SacrificeD foR ouR SiNs!!!
ResurrecTed oN thE 3rD daY sO thaT wE mighT LiVe wiTh HIM foR EterNiTY∞
PeaCe ouT∞

Friday, September 10, 2010

TotaL DepraviTy ? aS mY WraP ~ooPs=raP!

LiVeR DiseaSe
SchmiVeRrrr oBeSe
"WhY caN'T i..."
LORD giVe mE ReLeaSe:
PoLiCe / PLeaSe...
GOD BLeSS yoUuuu
TheRe'S sO MucH i waNT tO dO..
i waKe uP aNd aLL iS weLL.
TheN thE PaiN seTs iN
WheN i thinK
oF aLL thaT neeDs tO bE doNe,
tO saY the LeasT
PeaCe ouT...
GOD RuLeS...
In THE NaMe oF
peaCe ouT

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

iT's BecausE =i aM FoRgiVeN †

ThiS iS a Re-RuN/pubLisheD befoRe @ < >
buT i LiKeS iT...
AfteR sLeepinG 'tiL 2pM i pLaYeD iN thE bacK todaY sO thiS iS aPPropriaTe

mY BoDy LusTs aFteR thE wroNg thinGs..
i aM ultiMaTeLy a GluTToN..
iF iT weRe noT foR JESUS, i wouLd bE PuNisheD..
EverY daY HE oFFeRs mE a NeW LiFe
aNd i TaKe iT;
oNLy tO LeT MyseLf FaiL agaiN...
{{{iT's sO eaSy tO judGe oTheRs iN theiR siN,,,,,
BuT, aNd oVerLooK ouR owN}}}
EverythinG i NeeD, i HaVe
AnYthinG i wanT, i dOn'T NeeD....

WhaT iS LOVe wheN iT coMeS tO PeopLe i meaN?
FirsT sighT?
SighT unseeN?
EveryoNe haS certaiN PrejudiceS aS tO thE PersoN thaT theY waNT tO LooK aT...
ThaNK GOD foR thE FreeDoM thaT wE haD, wheN i waS growinG uP..i waS surroundeD bY mosTLy BeautifuL PeopLe...
aNd i meaN spirituaLLy aS weLL aS PhysicaLLy
i don'T eVer RemeMbeR aNy oNe beinG "ugLy"

GOD iS / haS beeN sO GooD tO Meeeeeee

iT's BecauSe oF THe BLooD oF CHRIST! †