Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FrOM "The ImiTaTioN oF CHRIST"

Humble Submission…Do not consider much who is for you or against, but consider only what you are doing and be careful that God is with you in everything you do.
Have a good conscience and God will defend you.
For no one’s perverseness can harm anyone whom God will help.
If you can suffer in silence, you will without doubt see that the Lord will help you.
He knows when and how to deliver you, and therefore you should submit yourself to Him.
It is God’s purpose to help and to deliver from all confusion.
To make us more humble, it is often beneficial for others to know and rebuke our faults.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

SundaY AfteRNooN

GOD iS GreaT
GOD wE ThaNK THEE fOr OuR FooD....

oN thiS siDe i FeeL aS bLeSSeD aS a HuMaN BeinG caN Be..
i HaVe aN aBuNdanCe oF FooD..
I haVe a VeRy SoFt CLeaN BeD...
I taKe a ShoWeR eVerY DaY..
++HaVe seVeraL diFFereNT SoaPs aNd DeodoraNT < thanK G_D foR sPeLL checK!!!

My MoTheR iS stiLL LiVinG..

I haVe a sTaTe oF thE arT APPle compuTeR...+DSL..

a checK cominG the firsT oF eVerY Month.... which coVers aLL the incidentaLs aBoVe....
AND JESUS CHRIST dieD foR mY SiN......

So aNy tiMe I waNT tO eNd iT aLL I caN sToP eaTinG aNd HE wiLL TaKe Me HoMe to LiVe wiTh HIM iN ParaDiSe

I starteD a NeW SpoT thiS MorninG

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

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